Woman Breaks World Record , Gives Birth To Ten Babies Once.

Woman Breaks World Record , Gives Birth To Ten Babies Once.

A South African woman, Gosiame Thamara Sithole , has broken Guineas World Record after she gave birth to ten babies. She is the first human in record to do so at a go .

A Malian woman, Halima Cissé ,in 2009,gave birth to nouplet in Morocco. She held the record of highest number of babies given birth to at once for more than a decade till when Sithole broke it .

There was a record of nonuplet in the 70s — an Australian woman previously held the award after giving birth to nonuplet in 1971 and in Malaysia 1999—but the babies all died few days later.

Prior to the birth in pretorian hospital , doctors had already detected it through medical scans.

“She gave birth to the babies through caesarean section in a hospital in Pretoria”,her husband said . The woman who already has twins, denies taking any fertility drugs when asked by newsmen.

What Causes giving birth to multiple babies by women ?

Giving birth to multiple babies can occur naturally —but usually caused by fertility drugs . The drug can enhance the release of many eggs , instead of one ,during women’s monthly menstruation circle.

It’s very risky for woman to carry more than four foetus —both mother and the baby may be at risk. Women are advised to reduce the number of foetus in some countries where abortion is legal.

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