Why Warri Girls Are Anointing Their Pants

The desperate rate in which Yahoo boys now hunt for ladies pants, Warri girls have resorted into anointing their pants before wearing it.

It has been gathered that these Yahoo boys hunt for pants of ladies within the ages of 16 to 32 for use by ritualist. According to some reports, the pant sells for as  N250,000.

The price can be higher when the Yahoo boys confirm that the owner of the pant has not done any abortion.

It is reported that the pants are used for money rituals and after the ritual, the owner of the pant will lose her womb.

Some Warri girls claim that the anointing oil on the pant has the power to neutralise evil the Yahoo boys try to do with the pant.

Out of fear, some of the ladies no longer hang their pants outside. They wash it and hang it inside their house. They also don’t care if it dries or not because they just go ahead and dry it by ironing it.

The Yahoo boys are out to hunt for pants, while the Warri girls are out to stop that from happening through anointing oil.

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