UN: First Aid to be Delivered in Gaza Soon


Israeli officials vowed to destroy Hamas after the Islamist militant group struck a massive attack from the Gaza Strip on October 7 on Israel, killing not fewer than 1,400 people. In revenge, the Israeli military leveled entire the city blocks in Gaza in preparation for a ground invasion which according to them is coming soon.

More than one million Gaza inhabitants have been displaced and the humanitarian situation is worsening day by day. And the Israeli officials have blocked the supplies of humanitarian aid to Hamas.

Palestinians are desperately in need of food and water after continuous bombing by Israel, still reeling from the bloodiest attack in its history from international bodies.
Al Qahera News had said that the Rafah crossing is the only route into Gaza that would open on Friday.

The United Nations said on Friday that the first aid delivery into the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt will take place.
He said: “We are in deep and advanced negotiations with all relevant sides to ensure that an aid operation in Gaza starts as quickly as possible… a first delivery is due to start in the next day or so,”

The UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths said, through his spokesman Jens Laerke in Geneva told reporters: “I do not have an exact time for when these movements will take place, of course, with the hope that they can begin as soon as possible, in a way that is safe, secure and hopefully sustained.

We need to have a mechanism in place whereby this can be driven into southern Gaza. That does not take away from our call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.” He disclosed.

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