UK court hears Trump suit against ex-spy

A court on Monday in the United Kingdom began hearing the lawsuit over a salacious dossier compiled by a former British MI6 agent brought by Donald Trump which consists of unproven allegations leveled against Donald Trump.

The former US president sued Christopher Steele and his company over the report the company published before Trump’s inauguration in January 2017 and this caused a heavy political firestorm.
Steele’s dossier contained unverified and controversial information about the former US president and Russia which Trump has continually denied it.

The allegations had it Trump had been “compromised” by the Russian security service, FSB, and that Moscow had damning videotapes of Trump’s sexual misbehavior during a 2013 trip to the Russian capital.

The allegation also included that Russian President Vladimir Putin “supported and directed” an operation to “cultivate” Trump as a presidential candidate for “at least five years”.

The former Republican president condemned the dossier, and was leaked to Buzzfeed, as “fake”.
Trump, filed a lawsuit of data protection claim against Steele and his Orbis Business Intelligence in the UK’s high court in November 2022. He seeks compensation for “serious distress and reputational damage”.

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