EFFC claims they are on ground to monitor vote buying and election funds, yet Tinubu moved Bullion Vans in and out of his residence unhindered on election eve like a Branch of CBN was situated in his home. But weeks to this election, Atiku’s lawyer was arrested for carrying $2M.

Where did those funds in Tinubu’s Bullion Vans originate and where did they terminate?

Is there any association between those Bullion Vans and the thugs mobilized to disrupt elections and intimidate voters in and around Lagos?

What does our money laundering act say about an individual moving funds huge enough to be accommodated in about three Bullion Vans?

How did Tinubu move from a Governor who effectively challenged the center and scored so many victories, to the key leader of opposition movement in our Fourth republic, and now to a Thug Mobilizer not ashamed or afraid to move tons of cash in and out of his home?

What can satisfy a man who has it all?

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