The Worst Road in Abia State

Abia State which is known as God’s own State has been characterized by a lot of Political crises and mostly lack infrastructural development.

The former Governor who is now a serving Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was known to have neglected the economic hub of the God-loving State called Aba.

Aba is known as the Business hub of Abia State, with a lot of companies and trade happing there on a daily basis.

A Facebook user this morning shared a photo of Ngwa road which is one of the popular roads in Aba. Ngwa road is named after the people of Ngwa whose village is Aba.

With Ngwa road looking the way it is in the photo, it means that the Government of Abia State has been very unfair to the people of Ngwa.

See Photo Below:


The current administration of the State headed by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu prides itself on road construction in Aba yet in the numerous road constructions, Ngwa road has been left unattended to.

Alex Otti who was a close rival of the Gubernatorial election in Abia State is said to be running against Okezie Ikpeazu in the 2019 Governorship election. Hopes are high that he will win but the major problem with these contestants is that none of them is keen on bringing infrastructural development to Abians.

We hope that the current administration of Abia State takes interest in constructing a good access road in Aba unlike their counterpart in Imo State who has been reported to be damaging even the good access roads the people of Imo State still have in the name of reconstruction.

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