THE SLAVERY IN THE NORTH – Omonire Isaac Ovwigho

“We’re born to rule.” – Northern Mentality.

Little did they know they’re born to suffer.

“Almajiris feeding on the bare ground after a minor accident involving a tricycle and a food vendor at Liberty Junction, GRA, Gombe, Gombe State on Tuesday.” – Punch

No education, no sense of belonging. All they do is to train them like dogs and unleash them on others who don’t act like them, agree on everything they do, worship like them and understand the same language with them to kill, maim and destroy them and then they chain them back after using them like wild dogs without hope, without prospect, without father and without mother to look after them.

The slavery in the North calls for concern. You can brainwash them with your religion as you can but, at least, still give them a sense of belonging.

The Northern children deserve better than this. What happens to the Almajiri schools Jonathan built for them? Shutdown! Because that’s against their slavery business.

If God fails to punish the Northern leaders and their accomplices, we all will make heaven.

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