The Rising Sun Shining On The City Of Aba Through Apostle Benjamin

God has again made Himself manifest to the World, Shining His light upon His people, and blessing them with a Prophet in Nigeria.

The Christian Community have been lacking standout Men of God that carries the unction of Heaven, and teaches Salvation through the unadulterated word of God.

When the Lord wants to bless a Nation, He send them A Man, He has done it again, as the Christian Community acknowledges it.

After the likes of Late Bishop Idahosa, ET Al, and the aging Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai, It’s disheartening that the Church lacks credible Men of God that represents God in Nigeria, with the word in their mouth, and fire on their heads which represents the Grace of God.

But it’s a news worth celebrating that God has His hands upon this young Man of God in the City Of Aba, at the hearts of Abia State, Nigeria.

Apostle Benjamin Onyebuchi, is the Presiding Bishop Of One of the fastest growing Bible believing Churches in Nigeria.

Known as The “International Praise Arena”, with their Headquarters located at Nkoro Avenue in Aba, with one of their branches in Yenegoa, Beyalsa State.

He is blessed with Gifts of Prophecy, Healing, Teaching, and more… The goodnews is that he has many young Pastors under his divine assessment and mentorship, to the Glory Of God!

God has been using him mightily to deliver His people, and to bless Men and Women.
The people of Aba rejoice, and give God Glory! reports.

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