The Myopia of IGBO Politics and the ATIKU vaccine – Pst Ifeanyi Madu

I have somewhat been sceptical of the possibility of the ATIKU/OBI candidacy clinching electoral victory in this upcoming polls. My reasons are anchored on the obvious dictatorial mode the present Administration has assumed in the running of the Nation’s affairs. I have great disdain for the tribalistic and callous tendency of the Daura born General judging from his approach to sensitive National issues that borders on Security, equality across the vast ethnic divide and most importantly, Religious conflicts. It’s not in doubt that his incompetence stinks to high heavens. Nigeria is really in need of Competent hands at the helm of affairs.

One thing that is obvious in the history of Igbo politics is our tendency to always lay our eggs in one basket out of emotional sentiments. Igbos are overtly emotional I must admit, and it has hampered on our ability to make rational inferences at pivotal political moments. But at the moment, I think our political myopia is about to pay us real good. With the current political atmosphere no man can say with full assurance who will win the upcoming Presidential elections between the two prominent players. A win for Buhari is a bad one for Igbo politics as we will obviously see him handover power to a yoruba man come 2023. However, a win for Atiku will see the Igbos play a prominent role in the Federal level for the next 8 years and possibly takeover come 2027. This means that the best option for Igbos at the moment is Atiku as his Government will pay rapt attention to the development of our forgotten region…

Sadly, there are habits we formed under distress that are coming to hunt us in a time like this; IPOB. The IPOB declaration of February 16 as a Referendum for Biafra is a dicey one. Of course u know that I’m an unrepentant IPOB apologist, but I think rationalism should be given a chance to thrive in our Social discourse. There is now a need to look at the bigger picture. Major players in the Igbo Social system should show their dexterity and sagacity in integrating ideas for the general good of every Igbo man.


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