Surgery Gone Wrong As Young Nigerian Lady Dies.


A young Nigerian lady named Christabel resident in Port Harcourt has allegedly died at a hospital in Lagos few days ago. Christabel was a popular PortHarcourt’babe’. But, following her cosmetic surgical procedure, Christabel was lost to the cold jaws of death due to fatal complications.

A confession on Twitter from one of Christabel’s friends called out the plastic surgery clinic responsible for the surgery that ultimately led to the untimely death of the young lady.

The friend of the deceased claimed on Twitter that before Christabel’s death, she had complained to the clinic that she had been bleeding. According to the statement made by the friend, ” the clinic told Christabel it was a normal post-surgery experience and that the bleeding will stop”. Unfortunately, it resulted in a fatal outcome.

The friend disclosed via the social media platform that days had passed but since they hadn’t heard from Christabel, they had to check at the hospital were she had the surgery done and instead of finding her there, the hospital allegedly handed a letter over to them showing that her body had already been deposited at the morgue.
The friends began to agitate as the hospital didn’t think to inform any of the deceased’s relatives of her demise until they came to the hospital in search of her.

Within the Twitter uproar, the friend of the deceased has called on the authorities to investigate the clinic and all other clinics as these that may have quack doctors in order to ensure that Christabel gets justice.

The relatives of the deceased would have to proceed to complete the burial rights of their daughter and sister.

A lot of reactions have come up following the tweets from Christabel’s friend for and against the deceased.

May the soul of Christabel rest in peace.

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