Students who live on campus are academically, morally better – Dean Student Affairs

Professor Lanre had said that Students who live on campus are academically, morally better.

A Dean, Prof. Lanre Ajibade, the University of Ilorin’s Dean of Student Affairs, has stated that students who reside on campus do better academically and morally.

This information was revealed by Mr Ajibade during a press conference in Ilorin on Thursday.

He claimed that data proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that students who live on campus do better academically and are more morally upright than their off-campus counterparts.

He went on to say that students who lived on campus usually got good scores because they had more time to study because they were not exposed to distractions.

He said that students who live on the campus would not have problems transport problems and would also enjoy quality free health services, he observed.

Mr Ajibade enjoined parents and guardians to prioritise accommodation on campus for their children and wards, pointing out that it would preserve and promote their dignity, integrity, and decency.

“Such students would be insulated against every form of harmful youthful exuberance,” he said.

The dean explained that though the school hostels could not take more than 4,006 students, private hostels can take up to 9,000 students.

He noted that despite the advantages, students do not take advantage of the private hostels for reasons best known to them.

“It is in view of the need to bridge the gap that the university authorities invited private investors to build and operate hostels on campus.

“Quite a significant number of investors had taken advantage of the invitation to build and operate private hostels with very moderate charges,” he added.

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