Stop Lying To Nigerians Over Boko Haram Terrorist- ICC

Communication coordinator of international Christian Concern (ICC), Mr. Olivia Miller has urged the Federal Government to stop lying and giving false hope to we Nigerians, She urged Federal government to hunt down terrorism and end Book haram In Nigeria.

ICC is a charity organization which bases its focus on Human Rights, religious freedom and assisting the persecuted Christian church.

This organization told the media that” Boko Haram must be destroyed and one way it could be destroyed is for the Federal Government to stop lying and deceiving the poor Nigerians, by saying “there have already won”

On Boko Harams vow on keeping Alice and Leah Sharibu as slaves for life, Mrs. Miller said “that definitely means, there are likely to keep them in their custody, permanently.

They are saying they will no longer collect any Ransom or reward for them, but will likely use them for slave and force them to work hard, convert them to Islam, rape them and beat them.

However, there could probably sell them to the rich men who will buy them marry them, sleep with them and eventually own them because that is what Book Haram is known for to their female victims.

Our hope is that there are just using these means to get more money from the government, that means there could still be a chance of being saved”

She was asked to give a word of consolation to the mother of  Alice and Leah Sharibu, The ICC official said there miss their daughters but cannot do anything to bring them back themselves, the only thing we can do is to pray an advocate for Alice and their family.

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