See Before and After Picture of dead whale in Bayelsa [Photos]

In the Ijaw-Kiri fishing community of Brass Local Government of Area of Bayelsa State, they was great excitement on 30th July 2019 as residents found a dead whale that was washed ashore.

The residents quickly ran to their homes and came back with axes, knives and cutlasses with which they used in butchering the whale.

Members of the neighboring Odioma and Okpoama communities of bayelsa also partook in butchering the huge fish.

In the process of butchering the whale, some stop on top of the huge fish as the cut the flesh and the water turned red as a result of blood flow from the body of the whale.

However some condemned the eating of dead aquatic animals as you may not know what may have killed it, but the other hand some considered the dead whale in bayelsa as answers to their prayers.

The National Agency for Food, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) while responding to the dead whale in bayelsa, warned that eating up washed up aquatic animals was is like eating the remains of a dead cow that is found on the road

Whales are considered as endangered species yet the residents of the Ijaw-Kiri fishing commmunity butchered it although is was found dead.

See the pictures of the dead whale before and after the butchering in bayelsa:


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