Reveal Your True Identity :Obi To Tinubu


The demand made by Mr. Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), for President Bola Tinubu to come clean on his true identity is a call for greater transparency and clarity from a political rival. Obi’s statement highlights several aspects he believes Tinubu should clarify to remove any doubts about his personal background. Obi made the statement in Abuja on Wednesday during a press conference and he highlighted the following;

Mr. Obi is urging Bola Tinubu to provide his full name and any potential changes he may have made to it over time. Obi is requesting that Tinubu specify his nationality, which is an important detail for anyone aspiring to the presidency. Tinubu should clearly state his place of birth, adding to his personal background information. The former Anambra State governor wants Tinubu to disclose his current age. Mr. Obi asks for details about the primary and secondary schools Tinubu attended, along with the respective dates. He also wants information about the universities Tinubu attended and the certificates he obtained. Obi is interested in knowing when and where Bola Tinubu did his national youth service, which is a requirement for Nigerian citizens.

This request appears to be aimed at addressing any lingering doubts or speculations about Bola Tinubu’s background and qualifications, particularly in the context of his potential candidacy for the presidency. It emphasizes the need for transparency and accountability in political leadership. It is essential for political leaders to provide clear and accurate information about their backgrounds, qualifications, and experiences to gain the trust of the public.

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