Ogba Charges Ishinkwo And Abaomege to Embrace Peace

Earlier today! Hon. Ifeanyi ogba Celestine and The Commissioner For Border Peace and Conflict Resolution Hon. Ilang Donatus through the directive of the Governor of Ebonyi State Rt. Hon Francis Ogbonna-Nwifuru, led the delegation of peace committee to the land dispute crises between Ishinkwo and Abaomega autonomous communities on the second phase of the boundary tressing in order to ensure that the reports as presented to the committee by the two communities are truly a verifiable facts to be used in drawing a viable and fair conclusion for them to enjoy peace amongst themselves.

After various investigative processes was duly accessed and carried out and facts gathered both the commissioner, the committee heads admonished the the two communities on the important of peace and unity as there are priceless speaking further the chairman of the committee made an emphasis stressing that a peace eluded territory can never thrive well as Government developmental presence can’t be seen at all hence the need for embracing peace.

The leadership of Ishinkwo and Abaomega communities thanked The Governor Rt Hon. Francis Ogbonna-Nwifuru, The commissioner Hon. Ilang Donatus, The Member Representing Onicha East constituency Hon. Ifeanyi Celestine Ogba and the rest of the team members for deeming it worthy to come to their aid in view of instilling peace citing that they are ready to embrace peace and also abide with the decisions and directives of the Government at all times.

Hon. Ifeanyi Celestine Ogba while making his remark reiterated the damage this age long crises have caused the both communities, the lives lost, the restlessness and the developmental backwardness that associate with crises. He pleaded with the both parties to accept peace as failure to do so will amount to an irredeemable damage that will be very hard to correct if not adhered to now, he also assured them of his full commitment on the course seeking just as promised during his campaign period. Furthermore he noted how uneasy his legislation would be should they not accept to ceasefire noting that the atmosphere won’t be conducive for a productive engagement of the constituents in the affected areas in order to attain the envisaged level of development and transformation as we would want.

He however most passionately applauded The Executive Governor of Ebonyi State, Rt Hon. Francis Ogbonna-Nwifuru for intervening into the long lasted crises, in a bide to restore peace and normalcy just barely within two months assumption of office, he further pleaded with the Governor and the rest of the peace reconciliation team not to relent but rather maintain the effort already in place till peace is achieved.



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