Notorious Criminal Mrs Hawa Yinusa And Her Gang Arrested

The Nigerian police held captive a woman named Hawa Yinusa the leader and Head of a notorious gang specialized in robbery, kidnapping, and other dangerous acts in Plateau, Abuja, and Nasawara and more, which haven’t been reviewed.

Yawa was arrested with two suspects noted to be her gang members, two young men by names Nura Dahiru and Buhari Himisu. One of their gang members was shot to death during the fire exchange between the Police force and
the gang members. He was shot by the Inspector General of Police strike force.

The Nigerian Police discovered from them, three AK47 rifles, 38 bullets and a Honda Hennessey vehicle owned by a victim who was recently robbed by their gang. The victim was identified to be a businesswoman by name Mrs. Aisha Haruna.

Hawa the group leader was arrested by the Nigerian Police in Masaka in Nasarawa State when she went to Mrs. Aisha Haruna’s bank to withdraw her money, Hawa Yinusa, and her gang member.

The report had it that Mrs. Aisha was killed by this notorious criminals. Her body was abandoned in the bush at Uke town in Nasarawa state, her clothes an car were stolen alongside.

The statement read in full:
“Arrest of vicious and notorious kidnap for ransom gang led by a woman, Hawa Yunusa from Masaka, Nasarawa state who has no means of livelihood but leads so many kidnapping gangs; for several kidnappings of prominent Nigerians, including one Aisha Haruna (a businesswoman) referred to as Zainab by her family and friends who was
kidnapped and later killed and abandoned by this gang in the bush at Uke town, Nasarawa state.”

The victim’s car, Honda Hennessey was robbed after killing her including her stock of clothing inside the car. The suspect, Hawa Yinusa further went to court and sworn to an affidavit claiming that the victim was her sister before she died and was in the process of withdrawing from the Bank about One Million Naira (N1,000,000.00) belonging to the victim before she was arrested.

“The two last suspects Nura Dahiru a.k.a Ula and Buhari Hamisu a.k.a Wiseman was mobilized into the criminal gang by Hawa Yinusa. One of the suspects died during a shootout with the IGP Strike Force and the three AK47, Thirty-Eight Rounds of AK47 Ammunition, and One Big Cutlass used in killing some of their victims to death were recovered from their possession.

“The suspect, Hawa Yinusa and her gangs have carried out several kidnappings between Abuja, Nasarawa and Plateau States. They have also been involved and confessed to other forms of kidnappings of innocent people,
collecting their ATM Cards and withdrawing their money before releasing them. Some of their victims have come forward to the Police investigator and identified them. They will be charged to court on completion of the investigation,” the Police said.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr. Ibrahim Idris, deployed the assistant inspector general of police in charge of zone 7, Mr. Taiwo Lakuna, with the aim of Police interventions should ensure that peace and normalcy regain that area if the state and country as a whole.

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