Nigerians opt for VPN following twitter suspension

Following the recent twitter ban made by the Nigerian government on Friday 4th of June, 2021, a lot of Nigerians have looked for means to bypass the suspension in order to keep enjoying the information and freedom that twitter brings. The most popular of which involves using a VPN.

VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is a service that creates a safe, encrypted online connection in which you can make use of the internet without having to give information about your location. A lot of Nigerians have settled for this option as twitter is one of the most reliable information sources, and the platform helped to disseminate a lot of information during the EndSARS protest. Nigerians currently using the VPN have gone on their twitter handles to post about it:

I slept in Ibadan yesterday and woke up in the USA this morning, what God cannot do does not exist Thank God for VPN my Twitter people


They know Twitter is the most potent platform for effective criticism. Not IG. Not Facebook. Not WhatsApp. Facebook deleted his post. But the elderly toddler is not bothered. Why? Twitter makes them lose sleep. Get your VPN. Protect your Twitter. They are the cowards. Not us.



The irony of this #TwitterBan in UAR is that Buhari and Co will still join us to download VPN just to see what Nigerians are trending on Twitter. Thank God for VPN.



No work No money No safety Now no twitter Ah ahhh! O wrong nau How do small in short tiny businesses like mine thrive how do we survive? #TwitterBan Buhari #vpns Thank God for VPN Twitter with VPN



Me when I see my Nigerian brother on twitter Ahhh thank God for vpn oo



Born in Nigeria Tweet from Atlanta Who are we? UARians #TwitterBan I Twitter for VPN l Thank God for VPN l My Twitter Airtel


I get VPN to access Twitter. I cross leg dey chop a bowl of assorted fruits. I get Nepa. I Dey watch Chelsea’s Champions League final victory for DVD (so I fit do anyhow) Elite sturvs. I don upgrade to citizen of Uarian. UAR Twitter ban




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