N1m Debate Fee, Reason I couldn’t Debate – Abia PPC Candidate Laments

As the 2019 Presidential Election draws near, various organizations are organizing Political Debates as a way to bring the various candidates closer to the masses.

We will recall the Presidential debate in which President Muhammadu Buhari was supposed to attend but refused to show up. He gave his schedule as a reason for not being present at the debate.

Atiku Abubakar a former Vice President and the Presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP came to the venue of the debate but finding out that President Buhari who he said is the defending champion was not present, he decided to leave.

Some organizers in Abia State also organized a Political debate for Abian Gubernatorial Aspirants. It is worthy of note that Abia State has suffered mainly in the area of infrastructural development from previous administrations and even the present is not helping matters.

The Peoples Providence Party Gubernatorial Aspirant in the person of Fortunes Okoronkwo called for a Political debate for Gubernatorial aspirants in the State.

He, however, was supposed to participate in the Debate but was edged of the function because he could not pay the 1 million naira debate fee.

Lamenting over the matter on his official Facebook account he said,

“I couldn’t debate alongside the so called big 3 because I couldn’t pay the 1 million participation fee or whatever name it was called. Debate by selection is not the way to go in the 21st century. Myself as the PPC gubernatorial candidate the and YPP gubernatorial candidate will address a press conference on that shortly. Abians deserve to know why we were not allowed to debate.”

From all indication, we are waiting for his press conference


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