My Wife Can’t Leave Me Because of Money And Good Sex:Wife Beater

A Kenyan lawyer, Raymond Nduga, was caught on video viciously slapping his ‘wife’ says she will not leave him because he is Rich and also good in bed.

The dreadlocked lawyer was seen in a video clip posted on bluebloodz having a short verbal altercation with Dorris Everlyne Tado, who is seated opposite him before repeatedly slapping her as she offers no resistance.

They have been several sources alleging that the couple has a toxic relationship and that the lady has been beaten to a pulp on several occasions but keeps returning to her narcissistic husband.

In a swift response to the backlashes barrister
Raymond Nduga has answered everyone why Dorris Tado cannot leave him.
This has spiked outcries from many social media users calling for the arrest of the woman beater lawyer. A user wrote: it’s fine but you must be arrested, with the hashtag #ArrestRaymondNduga

A look at Raymond’s profile reveals that he specializes in commercial and corporate law, tax law, banking, insurance and securities law, investment law, employment law, immigration law, and real estate and construction law. Experience and critical thinking play an essential part in his practice. In addition, he is an ardent business negotiator.

A considerable part of Raymond’s professional life has involved working with entrepreneurs. His mentorship by Timothy E. Leahy (a retired US and Canadian lawyer) on business matters gives him unique insight into innovative companies’ challenges. Raymond is the director of RAYNESS ANALYTICA, LLC, an online legal and business consultancy.

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