Mamman Nur, factional Boko Haram leader killed by own Fighter

Karma must have hit back at a leader of one of the most deadly Islamic terrorist group in the world known as Boko Haram as he got shot by one of his rebelling lieutenants. The factional Boko Haram leader by name Mamman Nur was killed in cold blood on August 21, by one among his closest fighter over a long period of disagreement with his subjects who had helped him in the past to terrorize within Lake Chad and its environs.

It is reported that the factional group which Mamman Nur was leading is a faction of Boko Haram loyal to Islamic State of West Africa (ISWA). This faction of Boko Haram has ties with the Abu Bakr al-Baghadi led Islamic state,  he had in 2014 led a rebellion against Boko Haram leader Abubakar shekau, the rebellion was what led to the emergence of Abu Mus’ab Al-Barnawy faction of the group. After the group had broken away from the shekau led faction, they moved to shores of Lake Chad region in Northern Borno. The group was later recognised by the Al-Baghdadi.

After the death of Mamman Nur, Habib who is the son of Boko Haram founder Mohammed Yusuf has taken over the leadership of the dreaded Islamic terrorist group. It could be recalled that Mr. Mohammed Yusuf was killed by the Nigerian Government in the year 2009.

A source with ample knowledge of Boko Haram activities disclosed that Mamman Nur had been the actual leader of the BoKo Haram faction after the disagreement between them and the shekau led faction of boko haram, he had actively occupied this position until he met his death on august 21th 2018. Before now there have been reports that  Habib the son of the founder of Boko Haram was the leader of this faction of Boko Haram but a source clarified that Mr. Nur was the real leader but he onlu put Mr. Habib in the front as a shsdow leader just because of his father Mohammed Yusuf.

The name Al-barnewy, is used as a symbolic leader, Habib was made to lead he group so that adherents and faithful’s will remain committed to the cause championed by his father. So Mr. Mamman Nur was the major link of the faction with the Islamic state; he was also the chief strategist in the group’s operations around lake chad and its ‘s environs which includes their cells in Nigeria, Niger and Chad.

When our source was asked why Nur was killed, he said that the reason was as a result of dissatisfaction of some top Boko Haram members in Mr. Nur’s style of leadership, as they expect him to be as rough as shekau but to their disappointment, Nur was a gentle man and has refused to address issues the same way Abubakar Shekau would have addressed them.

Our credible source said that the reason why Mamman Nur got so many followers back then in 2014 was just because of shakau stringent and hardened attitude which was affecting both Christians and Muslims alike, shakau kills everyone who doesn’t agree with him, weather Christians or Muslim, but some Boko Haram members wants him to kill only Christians.

Some fighters has counted so many sins of Nur whom they accused of deviating from their real cause after he had established his base in lake chad, and since then he kept compromising in so many occasions.

It has been revealed that Nur’s faction of Boko Haram was behind the abduction of over a hundred secondary school girls in Dapchi, yobe state in the month of March. A serious disagreement broke out after the release of some among the girls. We gathered that the negotiation of the did not go down well with so top decision makers in the group, sighting the fact that the girls were released unconditionally following a directive by Al-Baghdadi.

They said Government did not pay enough ransom to secure the release of the girls, and besides that the top leaders are also angry that Mamman Nur had made himself to become so close to the Nigerian government, and so has become soft in approaching some issues, that was what led the foot soldiers to rebel against him and thereafter executed him.

Now that Nur is dead, Al-Barnwy has lost their firm control of the group, as it is now under the guidance of another Commander.  A formal commander who was directly under the control of Lte Mamman Nur has taken over the leadership of the cells around Lake Chad region.

A security expert, Major Salihu Bakari told newsmen yesterday that the rise in Boko Haram attacks around Northern Borno is likely connected to the change of leadership in the group.

The truth behind the incident is that Mamman Nur had lost control of the group long before he was murdered; hardliners had taken over the factional group before now but was operating in the shadow. The hardliners shares a lot in common with Abubahkar’s faction who engages in brutal killings, kidnapping, assault, abduction for ransom and so many other atrocities.

He revealed that the new group and her new leaders has successfully attacked military bases, vandalised army facilities and also capture many innocent individuals for ransom in the northern part of Borno.

“they want ransom to continue  financing their activities; I think their demand for high ransom is the exact reason why the release of many abductees has been delayed, which includes the release of the female health workers that were captured in Rann in Kala-Balge local government area of Borno state”

As it stands now, the military is yet to confirm the killing of Mamman Nur.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria military had on 6th of January this year reported that they had killed the wife of Mamman in a military attack against the group’s location in the Lake Chad region.

The spokesman of operation Lafia Dole theatre command in Maiduguri, Onyema Nwachukwu said that about 250 members of the dreaded Boko Haram fighter’s on the side of Mamman Nur had surrendered to the Nigeria Government.  well, we pray that peace should reign in the land.

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