LATEST: Attraction To Paris Movie Download (2021).

A college girl studying abroad, decides to take a trip to Europe in order to clear her mind from her father’s death, hoping to find some adventure and see what’s next for her life.
Along the way, she comes across 3 charming guys, Pierre, Olivier, and Astrid quickly drawing Heather
to them. Soon after, she lowers her guard down and kisses Pierre.
However, the romance, adventure and fun will be short lived as she suddenly stumbles upon a murder in progress (Pierre was killed by a terrorist,) and orchestrated by a terror cell, putting her life in danger as the main witness.
Time begins to run out on them as their lives were in danger, and a possible attack on the city hang in the balance.

Genres: Action, Thriller, Crime

Director: Jesús del Cerro

Writers: Irmgard Pagan

Story by: Jesús del Cerro



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