Lagos Sex Worker Killed And Burnt Over Possession of Quran

Three suspects identified as Abubakar Musa, Sarauta Monsur, and Surajo Yusuf have been charged to court by the Lagos State Police Command over the death of a sex worker.


The sex worker identified as Hannah Saliu was killed and burnt to death in April in the Alaba Rago area of Lagos state over the possession of the Holy Quran.



The sex worker was said to have been patronized by one of the suspects, and after the sex session, he paid her N1, 000 and immediately he left the room, Miss Hannah discovering that her money was missing raised an alarm of theft, alleging that the man had stolen the sum of N5, 000 from her room.



The accusation led to a heated argument and attracted the attention of people nearby. The accused customer was said to have mobilized his friends who demanded that they search Miss. Hannah’s room. While searching the room, they found a Quran under her pillow.



The enraged men began to beat her for possessing a Quran as a sex worker. Thereafter, they dragged her outside and set her ablaze, and she died from the incident.


Thereafter the suspects were arrested by the Lagos State Police command and the suspects have been charged to court.


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