KIDNEY HARVEST:My Boss Deceived Me Into Donating My Kidney Over Empty $20m Promise — Driver

A 42-year-old man, Nwoko Eric, yesterday, revealed how his former boss allegedly deceived him to donate one of his kidneys to his (the boss) younger brother, only to abandon him after the transplant was done.

Speaking with journalists yesterday, in Gbagada Estate, Phase 1, Lagos, the indigene of Abia State, who worked for the Managing Director of a company in Ikeja, explained that in 2018, his boss assigned him to be driving his ailing brother to the Saint Nicolas hospital, Lagos Island, for dialysis while he (boss) was outside the country.

He said, “When he returned to the country, he appreciated me for taking his brother to the hospital and informed me that his brother’s kidney had failed and that in the next one week, he might lose his life. He asked if I could donate one of my kidneys to him.

Thereafter, he told me to kneel down to pray for me and in the process, he rubbed a liquid substance on my head.

The Promise

“He told me that he would give me 20million dollars , buy a house for me in America and connect me to his rich friend in America where I would be driving big cars. I was excited.

“Thereafter, he called his brother to inform him that I had agreed to donate one of my kidneys to him. They took me to the hospital , I did many tests and the doctors said my kidney matched his brother’s.

“I was admitted for three days and on the agreed day, the operation was done. They gave me some medicine. But since 2018 till date, I have not been receiving treatment.


“A week after my boss rented an apartment for me, he directed me to resume work in the office, and that I would be paid N70,000 a month. He warned that anytime I failed to come to work over health issues , he would deduct N30,000 from my salary. Even when I complained that I was weak, he would shout at me, saying I could survive with one kidney.

“When I asked Mr Steve to give me the money and other promises he made before the donation, he kept delaying until I told my mother about what happened. All I want is for him to keep the promise he made before the surgery was done, so that I can survive with the remaining kidney I have . His brother is very healthy now, while I am dying . I was hungry and from a poor family. I thought giving one of my kidneys in exchange for compensation would change my life and my family’s.

Mother laments

His mother, Mrs Gloria Nwoko, said she had been trying to reach her son for some time without luck, unknown to her that he had donated his kidney.

She said, “I have been wondering why he had not been picking my calls until October 13, 2023, when he called and told me what happened. We were living together until he suddenly relocated to Mowe, Ogun State.

“ At the moment, my son cannot walk . He needs medical help. He has lost so much weight . I am only requesting that Mr Steve should help my son survive like his brother. Yes , we are poor, but I believe the AIG will help us get justice”, she said.

As of time of writing this report, owner of De-Akasten Global Limited, Ikeja, was still in Police custody at the Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos.

When contacted, spokesperson for the Zone 2 Command, Onikan, Lagos, SP Hauwa Idris-Adamu , stated that Eric’s boss was at that moment being interrogated .

She said, “He is being interrogated as we speak. I will get back to you after the interrogation.”

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