Just In: President Merino faces calls to resign after three protesters got killed

On Monday 9th November 2020 in Peru, citizens took to the street to protest the removal of President Martin Vizcarra who was impeached on corruption allegation.

The government of Manuel Merino has been reported by local new media to have used violence to try and repress the protest in which fired shotgun pellets and tear gas.

This attempt led to the death of at least three persons in which the first casualty was a 25 years old man who killed pellet shots to the head and face.

However, The Police reported two deaths while the country’s National Human Rights Coordinator said it was investigating whether four-person died.

Speaking to Channel N television of Peru,  Mr. Luis Valdez the head of Peruvian

Congress said “I ask Mr. Merino to evaluate his immediate resignation”.

Peru’s lawmakers also held an emergency session on Sunday to discuss Merino’s resignation.

According to local new media, seven of Merino’s ministers resigned Saturday night and Merino’s whereabouts have been unknown since early Sunday morning.

President Merino is the countries third President in four years.

We will recall that in Nigeria, there was an #EndSARS protest and some of the protester’s bank account were recently frozen by the Government


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