Just in: One Dead as Ukrainian Military Strike on Russian Border.

The news of this attack on the Russian border region, Belgorod after Ukrainian authorities said early on Saturday that: “Russian forces carried out an overnight missile strike on Ukraine’s southern Odesa region, damaging port infrastructure, according to Governor Oleh Kiper said four people were wounded in the strike, which hit a boarding house and a portside grain facility. The Governor did not specify the exact place where the attack occurred. Ukraine’s military stated that the strike consisted of supersonic Onyx missiles fired from Russian-occupied Crimea.

In the border region of Russia, Belgorod was hit by a Ukrainian strike and killed one person. The local authorities said early today, Saturday morning that: “This morning, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the village of Urazovo in the Valuysky district with Grad missiles,” regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov wrote on Telegram, adding “one person died – a man who was on the street at the time of the shelling“.

Russian regions bordering Ukraine have been repeatedly reporting attacks from Ukraine forces including occasional cross-border incursions. The Russian defence ministry said “Air defences destroyed three Tochka-U missiles over the region on Saturday morning, and a drone attack on Moscow was thwarted. Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, said: “there was ‘no damage or casualties’ after air defence downed the drone over the district of Istrinsky.
Kyiv increasingly claiming responsibility for the intensified attacks on Russian territory, in recent months which were rare at the beginning of the offensive.


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