It is not true, I didn’t say anything – Lai Mohammed

The federation Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has broken his silence on the news that he gave Israel 24 hours to deport Nnamdi kanu or get ready for Missile from Nigeria.

This came after Nnamdi kanu showed himself praying in Jerusalem, Israel, last week.

The country was in jeopardy when the news broke out after Nnamdi kanu was heard broadcasting on Radio Biafra, as Alhaji Lai Mohammed was reported to have threatened Israel to deport the Leader of The Indigenous People of Biafra or face destruction.

But he has come out to deny the report “I didn’t say anything against Israel or about this issue yet, I am only happy that the federal government has been justified of all the allegations that we know Nnamdi Kanu’s way about ” says Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

Now everyone has seen that we are not in any way aware of his way about, or how he went about his disappearance.

I wouldn’t tell Israel what to do with their country. ‘he ended ‘.

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