Isiburu a movie about slaves and freeborn

A new movie is about to hit most Nigerian homes. The Nollywood has been a flourishing industry and seems to be immune with Nigerian Government lack of policy direction.

This gave rise to an uproar when the President of Nigeria was reported to have described Nigerian youths as lazy youths.

Hard working Nigerians are making waves in Nollywood. @ernestobimindset is at it again. He will be keeping most Nigerians entertained with his blockbuster movie titled ISIBURU.

ISIBURU is the story of a freeborn who vowed to use his strength as a warrior that is blessed by the gods to save all slaves in his community.

The movie is set in Igboland with the producers trying to replicate slave trade and freedom in Igboland in the olden days.

ISIBURU is a story about slaves and freeborn!

AMMA award-winning actor Sambasa Nzeribe played the role of Isiburu while young and fast-rising actor Rexperfect Chinedu played the role of slave herder.

The movie also featured other Nollywood stars like Diamond Okechi, Uju Okoli, Mary Igwe, Cruz Moses, Nkechi Nweje, Yvonne Damian and other talents.

ISIBURU is a must watch!.

See some of the set Photos below:


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