Interesting words from Mourinho after the Chelsea game today

Jose Mourinho was in high spirit during the Chelsea – Manchester United pressing game this afternoon in the English Premier league.

The eye-catching drama of the game came when Ross Barkley’s 96th minute golden goal sparked hilarious celebration in the Stadium, especially when Mourinho was incensed with Chelsea’s Assistant Coach Marco Ianni’s reaction on the Reds bench.

After the 90minutes of football time, Center Referee Dean signaled for 6minutes to be given as added time when Manchester United was in front 2 goals to 1, then Chelsea capitalized on the added time as Barkley scored from a rebound.

Sarri’s Assistant Marco Ianni came celebrating in front of Mourinho, which provoked the United Boss as he rushed to approach him with high aggression in front of the Tunnel.

After the game, Jose Mourinho said that Sarri apologized to him like a gentleman, and promised to settle the situation with Ianni internally.

And Ianni also came to me and apologized, so I told him, I forgive you if it is from your heart.

Of course I will forgive him because I also make mistakes., says Mourinho.

He (Mourinho) then gave his analysis on the game, saying that Referees do give long additional time even when there was no much time wasted, but I am happy with my Boys performance today.

We marked out (Eden) Hazard and Jorginho in the game, and kept them running for nothing.

We controlled the game and made the most out of it, unlucky we didn’t get a win for a perfect performance. He ended.

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