I am Biafran, don’t wish me happy Independence

Nigeria on 1st October Celebrated its Independence day from the British Colonial Masters.  Nigeria was 58 years on 1st October 2018.

The Independence day celebration was greeted with all manner of reactions and mixed feelings. Some felt that at 58 years Nigeria should have made significant progress to be among the top performing Nations of the world.

While on the other hand those who are advocating for a new country called Biafra outrightly rejected the idea of celebrating the Nigerian Independence on 1st October.

One of such People who rejected or did not feel they should celebrate or even recognize 1st October as Nigerian’s Independence day celebration is a well known Niger Delta militant, Gen. Asari Dukubo who shunned his friends that tried to wish him happy independence, in a video which went viral on the internet yesterday.

The militant leader made it clear to anyone who cares to hear that he is not a Nigerian but a proud Biafran, and as such, no one should dare wish him happy independence because October 1st independence celebration is for Nigerians.

He maintained that he and his family will always support the Biafran cause. Asari Dokubo is not just from the South-South region of Nigeria but a Muslim. He has remained a major supporter of the Biafran cause.

Those who support the Biafran cause has been known to be those who are not satisfied with the happens in Nigeria. They believe that if given the chance they can do better.

Immediately after the 2015 General election, the Biafran cause received a major boost that saw the rise of Nnamdi Kanu. Those who do not outrightly support the Biafran cause just like Asari Dokubo did are either sympathetic to it or are advocating for a better Nigeria through the implementation of true federalism.

As it stands now to Asari Dokubo, Biafra is top on their priority list and not Friendship. They value and regard Biafra more than friends and Nigeria is nor where to be found in their list because according to him, he prefers to be called a Biafran and not a Nigerian


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