How Robert Mugabe’s relationship with Grace Started

Robert Mugabe the now 95-year-old ex-president of Zimbabwe has revealed how his relationship with Grace Marufu started.

Speaking at the funeral of his mother-in-law which held at their blue roof home in Harare.

He said “I said to her one day, I love you and she didn’t respond. I then grabbed her hand and I kissed her”

She didn’t protest or refuse and then I said to myself, that she has accepted to be kissed, it means she loves me”

Grace looked stunned at what Mugabe is saying, that he just kissed her and decided that she loved him too just because she had not resisted the kiss.

Grace Marufu was one of the Secretaries that worked for Mugabe but out of the many Secretaries, Mugabe
to a liking for Grace.

According to Mugabe, he and Grace never dated but that he was just introduced to her.

Their relationship started when his wife Sally was struggling with a fatal illness which is kidney related that took her life in January 1992.

Mugabe while speaking to mourners during a service held in honor of his mother-in-law said “Yes, we got involved when Sally was still alive”

He claimed that his wife the widely respected Ghanaian gave her blessing to his relationship to sally.

Mugabe who truly knew that he was having an adulterous relationship even while Sally was alive said He was torn between making a decision from either to obey the Church doctrine against illicit relationships which includes adultery and fornication or pleasing his own mother who wanted grand Children.

From all indication, Mugabe choose to please his own mother because his daughter Bona was born two year
before his legitimate wife, sally died.

In February of 1992 after Sally died Grace gave birth to their second child Robert Junior.

After Mugabe married Grace in 1996, they had their third child Chatunga in 1997.

Mugabe started ruling Zimbabwe since its independence in the year 1980 but was forced out of office last years November through a military coup.

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