German universities with active uni-assist for international students

How to Apply for Admission into German Tuition Free Universities.

There are two application deadlines in the German tertiary education system that you need to keep in mind:

● For winter semester: 15th April to 15th July
● For summer semester: 15th November to 15th January.

When you consider schooling in Germany, know that you are not alone. There are equally students from all over the world seeking admission too.
There are two ways to apply to German universities:

1. To apply, You must create an application account, upload scanned documents of what the university needs. You can only apply to a maximum of 4 universities. Costs for the first desired course of study is EUR 75 whereas the costs for each additional desired course of study is EUR 30. That means applying to 4 different universities using uni-assist will cost you €165. These applications must be submitted both in the preferred university of choice and also at the uni-assist portal

2. The second option is to apply directly to the university. Please, visit the application portal of your choice of university, read about the requirements for your program of studies and provide the university with the needed documents, usually in form of photocopies and then send it through DHL. In this case you aren’t required to send copies of your credentials to uni-assist

》》 So why choose Germany as your study destination?

First, because a degree from a German university is highly respected all over the world just like a made in Germany car:
perhaps, the reason why majority of international students choose Germany as a study destination. And secondly, because the country has a long history of a free and high quality education to provide you with the skills needed for your future. Aside the aforementioned, Germany offers many different study programmes to choose from, they also offer high quality teaching, good learning experience and many job opportunities after your studies. Notwithstanding, universities are equipped with modern and most advanced laboratories you can think of.

Officially, the country has 85 recognized educational institutions. With a population of 83 million, 2.7 million are students. Out of the 2.7 million, about 400,000 are international students. What it means is that Germany is considered a pioneer in education.

Always keep in mind, that in the German state called Baden-Württemberg tuition fee of €1500 has been introduced for international students. Bad news!!! But don’t be discouraged! There are still 15 other states where education is tuition free. Meaning Baden-Württemberg remains the only state where you must pay tuition fee. Some uni-assist eligible universities include:

● Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg
● Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
● Karlsruher Institute for Technology
● Eberhard Karls University Tübingen
● University of Stuttgart
● University of Ulm
● University of Mannheim
● University of Konstanz
● University of Hohenheim
● Hochuschule Furtwangen

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