German Chancellor, Angela Markel to Step Down in 2021

Angela Merkel- Chancellor of Germany has on Monday stated that she would not run for another term as chancellor in the year 2021 when her current term ends.

Merkel who has served as chancellor for 13 years, told a news conference which took place at the headquarters of the (CDU) Christian Democratic Union that she will remain as chancellor for the rest of the term.

Merkel has served as the CDU chairwoman from 2000 to date.
She made it known on Monday that she will not contest for CDU leadership at the party’s next federal conference in Hamburg in December.

In addition, she said that she will not accept any other political position after the chancellorship, and has made her decision known to Andrea Nahles, chairwoman of the German Social Democratic Party and Horst Seehofer, leader of Christian Social Union (CSU).

Angela’s leadership has greatly deteriorated since the 2015 European refugee crisis in which she welcomed over one million refugees to Germany, this singular action triggered the rise of right-populist politics and the fragmentation of the country’s party politics.

Her party the CDU suffered a significant reduction of support in 2017 federal elections, but Merkel could not help win back voters lost.

She made the announcement on Monday after the state election took place in Hesse on Sunday, and again the CDU’s votes reduced by more than 10 percent in comparison to the last election five years ago.

Shortly before this occurrence and sometimes this month, CSU, CDU’s Bavaria-only ally also suffered a setback as it lost over 10 percent of its votes.

Merkel stated that As the chancellor and the chairwoman of the CDU, She bears the responsibility of both their successes and their failures, speaking at the news conference, she described the results in Hesse as saddening and disappointing.

Merkel believes that for the good of the party,  the time had come for a new chapter to be opened, stating that the candidacy for the new CDU party leadership was now between German Federal Health Minister, Jens Spahn and the party Secretary-General, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

Her intentions are for her party to get the freedom it requires to prepare adequately for the future.

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