Flash Back: See How Nigerians Voted in 1993 Election

One of the most controversial election held in Nigeria was the ‘June 12’election in the year 1993, up-to date, many Nigerians still believed that one of the top contestant by name M.K.O Abiola actually won the election.

There is also popular believe that Mr Abiola won the election against Tofa who happened to be a major contender, most people from the Yoruba Speaking South West part of Nigeria believed that Abiola would have made a good leader if the then Military leader by name Babangida had not annulled the election.

Many years after, there had been serious agitation especially from the Yorubas demanding that the Nigerian presidency should recognize Abiola as the winner of the 1993 election. The call led the Mohammadu Buhari led administration to declare June 12 as public holiday.

Below is the result of the election

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