EU to Sanctions Niger Military Rulers

The European Union disclosed on Monday that it will take a legal step to sanction Niger’s new military rulers, who dethroned Mohamed Bazoum that was democratically elected. The Union condemned the new military rulers’ action in July which removed President Bazoum from power.

The EU confirmed that there have undertaken the legal framework needed to “sanction individuals and entities responsible for actions that threaten the peace, stability, and security of Niger”.

The Union’s foreign policy chief disclosed the move “sends a clear message — military coups bear costs”.

The EU union had suspended security cooperation and financial aid to Niger’s republic following the military overthrowing of the democratically elected Mohamed Bazoum.

The Niger’s new military ruler has ordered the Former colonial power, France, to pull out its 1,500-strong military deployment to the Sahel country which has taken effect.
Bazoum has refused to resign and has been held at his residence in the heart of the presidential palace along with his wife and son, after the military takeover. The military recently alleged that Bazoum was stopped from escaping with his family but a close relative said he is doing well.

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