Ekiti State Government Denies Recieving 30 Billion from FG

Ekiti State Government complains that Ekiti has not received any amount of money from Federal Goverment. The case of Ekiti State Government has been drawn to some malicious Report from some quarters that Ekiti State Government received the some of 30 billion Naira from the Federal Government in less than a week.

The State Government denied and said the information is said to be false. The speech goes that there would have ignored these baseless rumour circulating the whole area, but for the sake of the misled individuals of the public.

The fact still stands that the newly inaugurated administration has not received an amount of money from the Federal Government or any of its agencies since its period of the inauguration in a report ‘ one week ago’.

As a responsible Government that rules with transparency and accountability as its values will ensure that accurate information are delivered to the people on its transactions and operations. And do not by any means intend to hide anything from its people.

Member of the Public is thereby assured of regular Public awareness of its state of finance and development in the State. its believed that the era of Government by deceit and falsehood has ended on October 15, 2018.

The present administration is aimed and focused on its obligations to workers, pensioners, and the general public. And therefore will not be distracted by false rumours told by rumour monger’s in the state and country in general.

This message was signed by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Ekiti state, Yinka Ayebode.

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