Nigerians may have woken up to the shock of their lives after their favorite microblogging app have been banned from their Country.

This came shortly, after President Buhari’s tweet has been removed from Twitter which the app tags as “inappropriate and breaking one of their laws”.

Many Nigerians may have seen it as a joke, after the site is still accessible few hours after the announcement, only to wake up on Saturday morning and realized all is gone.

However, citizens of the country have found another means to access the app by using Virtual Private Network, VPN. Does VPN work? Yes, it is. But it’s also possible for FG to suspend the activities of VPN in the Country.

The issue is, there is an IP address. This is the Company that gives full authorization to microblogging apps to work in the country in association with the Federal Government.

Federal Government may also ban VPN by issuing her directives to stop its access from the country. On another opinion, the Attorney General, Mallam, has also ordered the prosecution of those who bypass the law by seeking another means to access Twitter.




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