CHIKA NWOBA Lists the names of Cultists appointed by Gov. Nwifuru

The Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party PDP in Ebonyi State Nwoba Chika Nwoba has called out the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State, Rt Hon. Ogbonnaya Nwifuru for appointing criminal elements in his government.

Nwoba took to his Facebook handle and listed the names of the appointees, their cult names and criminal records.

He Wrote: ”

A peep Into The Persons Appointed SAs By The New Governor of Ebonyi State:

I don’t mean to call out anyone here but to reflect on the trajectories and current life situations of the people the Governor of Ebonyi State has given appointments so far which presents his fledgling administration as a ridiculous one.

1. Desmond Edeke (SA Security, Ikwo): This young man comes from my community, Ekpelu in Ikwo LGA of Ebonyi State. He’s a daredevil cultist and his cult name is Big Fish. In 2010, he was arrested alongside others for the kidnapping of a rich businessman in Abakaliki. After being in prison for over two years, the court in Abakaliki released him as he didn’t join the gang for the day’s activities leading to the kidnap of the man. His mother is from the same place as the Governor. He’s now Special Assistant to the Governor on Internal Security.

2. Felix Okemini: His cult name is Jango. He has been a regular visitor to police cells and prisons for cult-related crimes. He was almost rusticated from the Ebonyi State College of Education, Ikwo over cult killings. He led the gang that kidnapped me on the 9th of January, 2022 in Abakaliki. He’s from Izzi LGA. He’s now Special Assistant to the Governor on Internal Security for Izzi LGA.

3. Nnanna Nwangele: This is one of the most dangerous cultists in Ebonyi State. The Interpol tracked him from China to Abakaliki in 2015 and surrounded his house around Ebebe Junction and was fired in the leg while escaping. He was tracked over an assassination case in China and South Africa. He’s now Special Assistant to the Governor on Airport Security. He’s from Onicha LGA of Ebonyi State.

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4. Nkemjika Enyi: He’s a known daredevil cultist in Ebonyi State with a cult name, Zanza. He was arrested and publicly manhandled by the police for leading a gang of assassins that killed four women at the venue of APC primary elation at Darling Star Hotel, Onueke in 2018. Hon. Chinedu Ogah escaped from being executed that day by this gang as he was the prime target. Today, he’s SA to the Governor on Airport Security. He’s from Ezza North LGA.

5. Panchris Eze: He’s a cult leader in Abakaliki with a cult name, Power. He is from Nsukka. He has been a task force leader and an executioner in his cult. He fired repeatedly and almost assassinated me on the 9th of January, 2022 in Abakaliki. His leadership of the Ebubeagu cult saw to the detention and execution of many innocent Ebonyians. Today, he is the SA to the Governor on Internal Security, State Capital.

Other daredevil cultists appointed include:

Emerike Chinedu – SSA Security, Ebonyi North,
Felix Okemini – SSA Security, Izzi LGA
Sunday Ogbonna – SA Security, Abakaliki LGA,
Mbam Emmanuel Obinna – SA, Internal Security, Ebonyi LGA,
Ogbonna Tobias – SA, Internal Security, Ohaukwu,
Chukwuemeka Nwokpo – SA, Internal Security South,
Godwin Okum – SA, Internal Security Ezza North,
Easy Okike-Uzo – SA, Internal Security Onicha LGA,
Chukwu Godwin – SA, Internal Security Ohaozara,
Obinna Oko-Enyim – SA, Internal Security Afikpo North,
Chima Nnachi Okoro – SA, Internal Security Afikpo South,
Cletus Nga – SA, Internal Security Ivo LGA,
Sylvester Nwamini – SA, Streetlight.

I would have analysed their criminal histories but for want of time. From the above, what do you think the new administration will be for Ebonyi State? These dudes here need rehabilitation, skill acquisition and grants to start living a life of decency, not political appointments as seen here”.  He said.


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