British Prime Minister in Israel to Meet with Netanyahu

The British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak arrived in Israel barely 24 hours after the US President, Joe Biden visited and promised to support with $100 billion.

Rishi Sunak is billed to meet with his Israeli colleague, Benjamin Netanyahu to demand humanitarian aid to be delivered to Gaza as soon as possible amid a war between Israel and Hamas due to revenge from Israel on the unexpected strikes from Hamas militants.

The prime minister’s visit was part of the commitment by the world leaders in a bid to prevent the continuous conflict between Hamas and Israel.

Earlier this week reports had it that Rishi Sunak would be visiting Israel, but the exact date was not stated on his travel arrangements until yesterday evening.

Rishi Sunak wrote on social media through his X account (formerly Twitter) this morning: “I am in Israel, a nation in grief. I grieve with you and stand with you against the evil that is terrorism. Today, and always,”

“Every civilian death is a tragedy, and too many lives have been lost following Hamas’s horrific act of terror.” the prime minister added ahead of the trip

The British minister will hold a meeting with Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister today before visiting other regional capitals and sympathizing with the civilians killed and as well as those injured since this war started.

However, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly will be meeting world leaders in Egypt, Turkey, and Qatar in a few days to find a peaceful resolution to the lingering war between Israel and Gaza. This includes the push for humanitarian supplies to Gaza and the release of hostages held by Hamas militants.

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