Bosun Tijani Charge Nigerians to be Digitally Literate by 2030

Dr. Bosun Tijani, the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, outlined his plan to boost Nigeria’s digital economy and create jobs and has charged Nigerians to be digitally oriented before the end of 2030. He added that the FG plans to include not just youth but older people in its plan for the digital economy.

He said, “The plan is that by 2030, 90% of Nigerians should be digitally literate. Digital literacy doesn’t mean that you become a technical talent; it gives you the foundation to be able to choose whether you also want to participate in the digital economy. There’s a need for us to ensure that as we invest in the drive, the larger part of our population is digitally literate so that we do not leave certain people behind. I’m not talking about people who may be physically challenged, but also in terms of age. So, that’s why we have a program in that plan called digital literacy. What we are doing is onboarding people who may not have the foundation and understanding of how to use technology. This is because we know that younger people are digital natives. So, by nature, they are people who are conversant with technology, and they will always be excited about it. We see them as a workforce that we can drive. We need to have an economy where everyone is generally interested in technology and a large population of people has an understanding of technology.”

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