Banky W Discloses Interest For 2019 Election

The presiding boss of the Empire Mate Entertainment (EME) by name ‘Olubankole Wellington’ popularly known as ‘Banky W’ has publicly disclosed his interest in contesting in the 2019 general election as the federal constituent in the house of representatives.

Mr. Olubankole made these declarations at the convention of the (MDP) Modern Democratic Party. He stated that he does not consider the post to be easy, further regarding it to be almost impossible, based on who he is contesting against.

He had his slogan to be ‘hope 19’ laying party emphases on ‘hope’.He further spoke about his life and regarded it to be a life of dreaming dreams, praying about those dreams and working towards those dreams until it comes to reality.

He added that the majority of the richest Nigerians live in the constituency, so therefore, consider his political post to be vital to the nation’s development. This artist combines ambition with other celebrities who have declared an interest in politics, with which Shinna Peller and Kanayo O Kanayo are included.

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