Baby Boy Dies As Doctor Refuses To Commence Treatment

A Tragic event occurred in the hospital as Doctor refuses to attend to a young boy. It was reported by an individual present at the scene, that the parent of the baby boy could not afford the amount of money required by the Doctor before the commencement of the boys’ treatment.

This information was disclosed by a man identified to be Mr. Mike Obioma, who showed off on the social media photos and story of the baby boy who allegedly died at a Government-owned hospital because the Doctor had refused treatment on him.

He stated that the baby boy was rushed to the Hospital displaying signs and having symptoms of severe illness.

He further said “I watched a baby die in a Government-owned Hospital, due to the fact that the parent of the deceased could not afford the required amount of money issued by the Doctor.

He claims that the Doctor refused to render treatment to the boy because his parents weren’t able to pay his hospital bill at that moment.

Mr. Mike Obioma disclosed that the parents of the boy had pleaded with the doctor to give them time to gather the money, as well as ask family members, friends, and relatives over the given amount issued to them.

Also, they pleaded that further treatment should commence. The boy was said to have needed oxygen to survive at the moment. Despite all the words of the Parents, the doctor refused to treat the young Boy.

Mr. Mike disclosed that he has been undercover at many government-owned Hospitals to spy and investigate how things are being done in the Hospitals.

He cried out “Imaging a Nation like Nigeria where numerous babies die hopelessly! I went undercover to many Government owned Hospitals, planted numerous camera’s to disclose the rate and level at which corruption is ongoing in the hospitals.

For the past few months, I have been to over 10 Government Hospitals in the State including; Abuja, Benue, Nassarawa, Plateau, and Northcentral of Nigeria.

He showed off a video and stated this video is just one of the numerous babies I have watched die, in fact, this hospital, in particular, this is observed to be the third baby I have confirmed dead over 8 hours of my stay”.

He added “Mr. Christopher rushed his dying baby to the Hospital, the doctor asked that he purchase a card, thereafter, Mr. Christopher bought the card and pleaded that the doctor should commence treatment, that he would get in touch with friends and relatives in order to acquire this money.

The Doctor regarded his speech as balderdash and ignored him. Mr. Christopher sat down patiently without the doctors’ attention, that happened till his baby kicked the bucket.

It was very painful, I later gave him 500 Naira to carry his baby and bury. I felt very sorry for his family and the loss of the baby.

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