Asiwaju who was accused of rape on Twitter, commits Suicide

Asiwaju Micheal, the furniture dealer and owner of Asiwaju Royal Furniture in Ojo, Lagos was on 13 January 2019 found dead in a Hotel in Lagos.

We will recall that Asiwaju was one of the characters in a rape story allegation on Twitter a few days back. Asiwaju Twitted that the rape sage has already taken the life of his mother who heard heart surgery recently.

“This story made me lose my mum. Even when I called, I pleaded with these people to take down the post; that my mother just had (a) heart surgery. Imagine if I wanna pay back but I won’t cos I won’t be available.”

He also provided a clue as to those behind the allegation and suggested that they should be held responsible in case anything happens to him.

“I (am) here, I’ll need to say my own side of the story. I know my former business partner sponsored this blackmail to destroy me cos (because) she’s contesting on the platform of All Progressives Congress.

“You all claimed I raped you? We met on the social media, I took you to a club, I spent N500,000 popping Champaign cos (because) of you and we had sex when am (sic) high and you call it rape? In 2017, you didn’t report to the police. In 2018, you didn’t report to the police. In 2019, you decided to blackmail me.

“This two people (sic) and Blessing should be held responsible if anything happens to me. You came to visit me cos (because) you know I have money. We went to a club; I bought drinks worth half a million naira; we had sex inside my car you claimed I raped you just to tarnish my image.”

According to Punch Nigeria, Asiwaju was found dead at a hotel after drinking sniper. It was reported to have checked into the hotel room with another name Prince Moses

The Lagos Public Relations Officer, CSP Chike Oti has confirmed the story saying and cited that two bottles of sniper were recovered from the incident scene.

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speaking further about the matter, he said

“We are investigating a possible case of suicide. We were alerted that a young man died in his hotel room and the Commissioner of Police was informed. He directed that the body should be evacuated and that a team of detectives comprising men from the forensic unit and men from the homicide section should investigate the matter.”

“The body was inspected and there was no visible mark of violence on the corpse. Two bottles of Sniper, which we reasonably believed he must have drunk, was recovered from the hotel room. One of the bottles had been emptied while the other one was still unopened. The man checked into the hotel with the name, Prince Moses. Preliminary investigation revealed that the man was the owner of a business known as Asiwaju Royal Furniture.”


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