Ambode faces impeachment over second term bid

The executive governor of Lagos state, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is currently facing a very big challenge as regards his second term bid. It is reported that about fifty-seven Local Government Area chairmen of the State have endorsed Mr. Jide Sanwoolu as APC flagbearer for the 2019 election.

Reliable sources revealed that Governor Ambode is currently under serious threat to drop his second term bid or get impeached by some lawmakers loyal to Jide. However some stakeholders of the ruling party, All Progressive Congress (APC) in the state have dismissed the report that the Governor is under serious threat but despite the denial, emerging signs shows that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is really fighting for his dear political life.

It is believed that Mr. Bola Tinubu has already anointed Jide Sanwonolu for Ambode’s job, Chief Bola Tinubu, a formal Governor of Lagos state was once a godfather to Governor Ambode before things fell apart between them. The over fifty Local Government Area Chairmen who are loyal to Chief Bola Tinubu met with Jide and even pledged their support to him.

In Lagos state, the Local Government Area Chairmen are so much influential, they are also the most effective grass root mobilizers under the direct primary system adopted by the ruling party, All Progressive Congress to pick Governorship candidates.

An insider revealed that most members of Lagos State House of Assembly are loyal to Mr. Bola Tinubu.

According to the insider, ‘meeting is over, Ambode is Out. Mr. Jide will become the new Governor of Lagos State. All the Council Chairmen have signed his form.’

Another sign that something fishy is going on inside the Lagos State APC big caucus is Ambode’s sudden movement on Monday, the governor had on Monday alongside some members of his cabinet, stormed the APC headquarters in Abuja to get an expression of interest and nomination forms for his 2019 bid. Why the rush?

After buying the form, he addressed a group of supporters, saying that he has made things better for the people of Lagos state all because of the great support he enjoys from his loyalists,

He said and I quote

“With your support, we have made Lagos State a better State and changed the face of our State, I did not do it alone, we did it together because you believed.”

He also pleaded for their continuous support, stressing that if the people of Lagos can believe in his mandate and give him the necessary support, then Lagos will be moved forward.

“so I humbly call you again to give me your support as I seek to continue with your mandate to steer the affairs of the State, I ask you to believe again and together let’s achieve more”

In his speech, the Governor told his party members that he was not tired and so needed the unmovable support to continue with the good work he started in the state beyond next year.

Meanwhile, apart from Mr. Sanyalaolu Sanwoolu Jide, there is another heavyweight contender in the race with Governor Ambode, his name is Obafemi Hamzat, both Obafemi and Jide have already picked the APC nomination form for the Governorship election coming the next year 2019.

We could recall that Sanwoolu served as a commissioner under Babatunde Fashola, who is Ambode’s predecessor. He is currently serving as the managing director of Lagos state property development corporation (LSPDC)

One thing intimidating about Mr. Jide is the fact that he is enjoying good backing by Mandate Movement, a group fiercely loyal to Chief Bola Tinubu.

Mr. Jide has already been declared as the incoming Governor of Lagos State, the declaration was made immediately Mr. Jide picked his nomination form at Abuja by an APC chieftain whose name is James Odunbaku, he is an ally to Bola Tinubu’

There have been reports of an obvious rift between Chief Bola Tinubu and Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, even when APC leader met for the direct primary in Lagos, rumors had it that Ambode was a major target but both Ambode and Tinubu had carried on as though all is well.

Also MR Hamzat a formal commissioner in Lagos state who failed to secure the APC governorship ticket in 2015 is seriously eyeing Governor Ambode’s seat.

In the year 2015, Ambode was able to secure the APC governorship ticket because some heavyweights of the ruling party rallied around him, which made him be able to defeat top contenders like Hamzat and Olasupo Sasore; Sasore was Fashols’s favorite choice but Ambode won them all,

A popular APC chieftain and the publicity secretary of the party joe Igbokwenu was asked to comment on the saga

Joe Igbokwe asked the press a simple question

“Do you know that governor Ambode has picked his nomination form?” They answered yes then he said that the fact that they answered yes to the question above puts an end to the speculation that has been going around.

He waved off other question as he insists that Ambode is the right man.

Mr. Tunde Rahman who is a spokesman of Chief Bola Tinubu didn’t really give any satisfactory answer but he promised to get back the journalist, even as at the time of this report, no one has heard anything from Mr. Tunde Rahman.

Some other dignitaries that are very close to both Ambode and Tinubu were not picking calls, even Abib Haruna, the chief press secretary to Ambode was not available for comments cause his telephone line was really out of reach.

The latest development reaching us is that an APC faction is really working tooth and nail to make sure the APC primaries which scheduled to hold across the country. The fearless faction is led by Fouad OKI. Oki And his team are planning and plotting to stop the primaries, the primary is scheduled to hold tomorrow which is Wednesday. Let’s watch who wins the race.

Tinubu is known as Jagaban all over Lagos, they said whomever he supports wins the election as far as Lagos is concerned, he supported Ambode in the 2015 election and Ambode won, now that he has turned against his godson, ours is to watch as events unfold.

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