A woman’s hymen cannot tell you much about her virginity- Dr Abbas Nasiru

Do you know? ✍️ A woman’s hymen can not tell you much about her virginity- Abbas Nasiru

Stop depending on it to judge if she’s a virgin or not.

The hymen is a membrane covering the vagina opening.

Its shape and size varies in people.

It normally covers the vaginal opening only partially to allow discharges/menstrual flow to pass through.

If imperfonate (covering vagina completely), surgery is done to open it up a bit.

In many cultures, however, people believe that once a woman’s hymen is torn, she’s been “disvirgined’

They also believe that when a woman is deflowered

she must bleed from the vagina to show that her hymen has broken (which proves her virginity).

In most cases, both are false.

Here’s why:

1. Not all women are born with hymens.

Nearly 1 in 2000 females don’t develop a hymen at all, which means their vagina is naturally open.

So what did not develop at all should not be used to ascertain if she’s had vaginal sex or not.

2. Activities other than vaginal sex can also tear a woman’s hymen, especially strenuous ones like;

– swimming

– riding a bicycle

– riding a horse

There are also reports of hymen stretching following use of tampons and insertion of fingers or objects into the vagina.

3. Many women don’t experience a hymen tear in their first vaginal sex because their hymen can comfortably stretch to accommodate the man’s penis without tearing.

So even after having sex, their hymen will remain intact

4. Even if a woman’s hymen is broken during her first sex, bleeding/ spotting does not always follow.

So don’t always expect to see her vaginal spotting to prove her virginity to you.

Putting these together,
We can see clearly that it is wrong to depend on the state of a woman’s hymen to judge her virginity in terms of having penetrative vaginal sex.

Sadly, many people are still ignorant of this.

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