A Female Abia_Poly Student Creates Record At The National Level

A familiar adage, “what a man can do, with dedication and perseverance, a woman can do it better” has been vindicated by one young Miss Modesta.

Just few months ago, Okoli Ngozi Modesta, A Public Administration student of Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, who was one time Treasurer of the Students’ Union Government(SUG) Abia State Polytechnic, won a prestigious portfolio at the National level through the principle of meritocracy, in the executive body of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) as the representative of all Nigerian Student in Abia State.

That said, 3 months afterwards, she was elected “The Director for Gender and Female Development, National Association of Abia State Students (NAASS)”

In her interview with the media, “I will continue to push, because Women are the pride of life, until Women stop depending on Men, our pride will be abused” – “she said”

Hence, she has justified her words and claims in all she has achieved in few months for herself, for Abia State Polytechnic, for All Abia State Students, for All Nigerian Students, and for every woman out there, who believes that she can move forward and succeed in life without depending on anyone.

The latest and outstanding of them all, is her recent cruise as the Deputy Coordinator, Business Woman Africa, Nigeria Chapter.

The eye-catching scenario of it all was how she handed over her position as the Director of Gender and Female Development to a female Abia State Student, to enable her manage other portfolios efficiently and effectively.

What an amazing fit, and astonishing achievement.

However, Miss. Okoli Ngozi Modesta has been able to travel as far as Ethiopia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bostwana, to mention but few, to represent Nigerian students especially Abia State Polytechnic.

Having her at the National, Female Students of Abia Poly are advantaged.

Congratulations to Miss Okoli Ngozi Modesta!
Your dreams are valid!!
You have no boundary!!!

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