7 Young Men Burnt to Death in Aba

On Friday 12 October 2018, at Osisioma Iga in Abia State a very big tragedy was recorded, where about seven young men were burnt alive to ashes as a result of a fire outbreak in the process of attempting to stealing oil from an oil pipeline according to an eyewitness report.
The eyewitnesses and villagers who reported the story to a reporter in Top Trends Nigeria said the victims were all from the same village and related to each other.

The cause of the fire outbreak is still unknown at the time of filing this report and the near Police officers

were alerted of the incident and they responded by coming to the scene of the incident immediately.
It was said to be the reason why the Federal Government has warned people especially village youths who engage in breaking oil pipelines to abstain from it as it is a risk of life and which might lead to great loss of lives and properties within reach if not controlled very fast and urgently.
The names of the victims of the fire outbreak were withheld by the villagers who saw the incident and refused to give out their identities to the media.
The victims were also buried after they have been burnt to ashes as shown in the pictures below. They were buried one after the other from one compound to another.
This incident and loss caused a great lamentation and pain to the villagers who heard and saw what happened and how their brothers were roasted alive to death.
By Charles Bethel

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