Princess Shyngle Removes 5 Ribs To Get Her Tiny Waist

The Ghana-based Gambian actress and producer Princess Shyngle has revealed on Instagram how she got her tiny waist that makes her look like an hourglass.

She posted on Instagram that she removed 5 of her ribs to get that figure.

Princess Shyngle who have been teased about her shape wrote claim she did not only remove her ribs but also her small intestine.

“5 ribs removed ??? 5 more to go ???? small intestines removed ? remaining the big intestines ? gat to remove all these ribs ?? who ribs ep ? you call me fake I call myself a work of art”.
she wrote on instagram.

On social media, they have been a lot of reactions to what Princess Shyngle posted. Some love her for it, while others
think its fake.

However, in 2016 Princess Shyngle said she wore waist trainers 20 hours daily in other to trim her waist.

In some interviews, she had previously granted, she said she wore waist trainers.

In March of 2016, she was hospitalized for a kidney disease after she used a sliming device to get a 22 inches waist.

She posted three images of herself in a hospital hooked up to an intravenous drip.

she captioned the post “Hospital bound… Kidney disease healing mercies oh Lord need your prayers ya’ll.”

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